Jul 06, 2019

"Why can’t you become President?” Bandula asks Mangala! Featured

After Sri Lanka Mirror reported the statement made by prominent senior journalist Kusal Perera that if the UNP is to win the next election, the best candidate who could win convincingly is fearless leader Mangala Samaraweera, this issue is currently extensively discussed over social media.

Meanwhile, during a discussion by the comrade web site, the presenter Wimal Ketipearachchi had asked Samaraweera if he had dreams of becoming the President. In response Mangala Samaraweera said that it is every politician’s dream to someday become the president.

Joining the programme poet Priyankarage Bandula Jayaweera asked Mangala, “Why can’t you become the President? (Of course I like if you do, so that all these tribal fundamentalists would see stars!?)

In response, Literature critic Jayasiri Alawatte had asked if he was supporting Mangala as they are both from Matara.

However, Jayaweera had said that it was not because he was from Matara but that Mangala was the most modern leader in Sri Lanka.

 Then Alawatte had said he agrees with his statement. He also expressed is views about the statement Mangala had made about Sajith.

 “Mangala may have made that statement genuinely, but I think this is the most stupidest decision he could have taken. If a politician of Mangals’s calibre makes such statements, it is unimaginable what others might have to say,” Alawatte said.

Meanwhile, joining the debate, journalist Sampath Samarakone, said Mangala had been fearlessly expressing their views earlier when the mikes were off, and asked if he is trying to ruin his political career.

 The UNPer who could challenge the Rajapaksas?

 Kusal Perera further said in an FB post, “The only fearless person in the UNP who could challenge the Rajapaksas’ is Mangala. If he is made the Presidential Candidate, he could give a fight to the rest.”


However, Kusal Perera had also posted a comment regarding plans to field Sajith as the presidential candidate, adding that his unsuccessfulness was evident in Hambantota.