Jul 03, 2019

"Only the brave leader can bring victory to UNP at Presidential battle " Featured

Veteran political commentator and senior journalist Kusal Perera says the UNP can not win the next Presidential election by presenting Sajith Premadasa as the presidential candidate.

He was speaking to 'Sri Lanka Mirror' regarding a post he had posted on his Facebook page when he made this comment. ( Below find the relevant Facebook post.)

He has come to this conclusion based on several factors, he said.

Perera said that it is a matter of concern whether Sajith Premadasa can win a national election when he cannot even secure considerable amount of votes in Hambantota District.

He said that seven MPs from the Hambantota district were present in parliament and since Sajith was appointed the UNP organizer, he could not give leadership to send at least three MPs to the parliament.

He said that there have been occasions when UNP organizers who had organized this seat in the past had sent three UNP MPs to parliament.

He also said that Sajith was never a person who spoke on real national issues and that he has no international recognition.

He also said that he is not very popular among the minority groups and even though Sirasa Media Network had supported him for many years, Sajith could not become a national leader.

When number of votes Sajith needs to secure to win the presidential election is taken into consideration, it will be Sinhala Buddhist votes that will be divided between him and a member of the Rajapaksa family and he cannot become more recognized Sinhala Buddhist than a member of the Rajapaksa family, he said.

Speaking further Perera said Sajith Premadasa is only a small model of the current President Maithripala Sirisena.

Mangala the Man

However,if the UNP is to win the next presidential election, Mangala Samaraweera,the fearless leader of UNP, is the most suitable Presidential candidate , Perera added.

As he had been maintaining his stance throughout and the UNP vote base is largely based on intellectuals, he has a good chance of winning the election ,he said.

He also said that he will be able to win the votes of minority groups and the most important factor is that he is a leader who hold an opposing ideology to the Rajapaksa group.

If he is a presidential candidate, the anti- Rajapaksa groups will rally around him, he said.

Who failed O/L?

Meanwhile, UNP Deputy Leader Ravi Karunanayake addressing a media briefing yesterday stated that the next Presidential candidate of the UNP is a candidate who has passed GCE O/L.

Karunanayake also said he is a person who will be able to present the country to the international arena.