Jul 01, 2019

Majority of suicides by the unemployed: Politicians less likely to commit suicide

The majority of those who had committed suicide were depressed due to unemployment, according to the Police Department reports.

Accordingly, in 2018 of the total number of 3281 persons, 1155 of them were unemployed, while in 2017 of the total number of 3263 suicides 1216 were unemployed, statistics show.

In 2016, the total number of suicides stood at 3025 and of them 1117 were unemployed.

According to age categories, in 2018 the highest number of suicides (330) were among the age group of around 25 years, while 236 persons over the age of 70 had committed suicide that year.

Based on the nature of employment, in 2016 and 2017 no politician had committed suicide, but in 2018 one politician had committed suicide and that was a female.