Jun 28, 2019

ISIS didn't lead Easter Sunday bombings - Intel. (video) Featured

Exclusive - The string of Easter Sunday bombings is not a direct mission of the ISIS, state intelligence units have confirmed.

An intelligence officer has elaborated on this factor during a recent press conference held on tourism development, under the auspices of minister John Amaratunga. (The video is shown below).

Speaking, the officer had said that there is a misconception that the ISIS was directly behind the Easter Sunday bombings. However, even the real ISIS leaders had been unaware when the attacks were conducted, he added.

Although a self motivated movement in Sri Lanka and a 20-year old man with links to the ISIS network had informed the terror outfit of these attacks, the terror outfit had initially been hesitant to accept it due to lack of credible evidence to back this, he adds.

However, after the youth had released the video of swearing allegiance from Indonesia, the outfit had downloaded it and shown it to their leader - Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Therefore, the bombings were not led by the ISIS leadership but were done by a Sri Lankan network, the intel officer states.

The video of the intelligence officer speaking is as follows :