Jun 27, 2019

Malinda loses job after clash with Akila Featured

Education minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam says that former Commissioner General of the Education Publications Department I.M.K.B. Ilangasinghe had stated before the PCoI that there was no additional cost was involved in printing his message or photo as education minister on textbooks.

“Mr. Illangasinghe has sent an affidavit saying that there was no cost involved in printing the message or the photo on textbooks, He has also said that he had informed the issue at the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC), the minister said at a media briefing held yesterday (25).

Mr Illangasinghe is currently working as the current education supply director.

Speaking further, the minister said that an additional page was included after Mr. Illangasinghe added a poem to the textbooks.

Journalists at the media briefing had questioned why Mr. Illangasinghe is not attending the media briefing as a ministry official and whether he would be sacked.

In reply, the minister had said summoning him in that manner is not right.

However, a charge sheet was handed over to Mr. Illangasinghe, not over this case but over a complaint made with regard to a misdeed done on May 16, 2017, the minister added.

However, the Ceylon Teachers' Union (CTU) charge that the education minister is conducting a witch hunt against those who are complaining and testifying against him before the PCoI.

The CTU has informed this in a letter to the PCoI investigating the above allegations against the present administration.

Upon contacting the secretary of the CTU - Joseph Stalin on this regard, he told 'Sri Lanka Mirror' that Malinda Rajapakshe from the Rajasinghe Vidyalaya, who had complained to the PCoI over the Suraksha insurance fraud and Tablet device fraud, had been transferred on June 29 as punishment.

Noting that Mr Malinda was transferred over a statement made to the Sirasa media, Mr Stalin said as a trade union leader, Mr. Malinda had a right to express his views to the media.

Noting that a complaint has been lodged with the HRCSL on this regard, Stalin charges that Mr. Malinda has already been sacked on charges of failing to report to duty.