Jun 25, 2019

Maithri does not take crazy decisions - Shiral (Video) Featured

Attacking none-elitist politicians by the public and media has been a common occurrence in Sri Lanka when such individuals come to power and even though President Maithripala Sirisena has been called ' a crazy person' as a result of that, he is in good mental health, says Senior Presidential Adviser and Attorney- at-Law Shiral Lakthilaka.

He has been called by such names as he goes in search of and captures the points which are purposely neglected by the elites,he added.

In an interview with TTV News, he said that he does not accept the fact that the President is making crazy decisions.

Video by TTV News

Wrong experiment

Mr Lakthilaka, has accepted that a wrong experiment was done by bringing a President with one ideology and a parliament with another ideology together.

He says that the reason for the government's failure is the result of this ideological conflict.

Mr. Lakthilaka says that the expectations the government had in 2015 when it came to power have not changed and future measures will be taken trusting an agenda and not personal politics.

He says the next government should have one focus and should be built by one party.

I knew the government could not be dissolved

Mr. Lakthilaka furthers stated that it is natural for the rulers to make mistakes and his opinion was that the parliament cannot be dissolved , however another group had advised the President to dissolve the parliament.

Supreme Court had finally weighed these two views and decided that parliament cannot be dissolved, he added.





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