Jun 23, 2019

Illegal fishing in North Sea rises after Modi's arrival Featured

A group of fishermen have complained to the government that over 4,000 Indian fishing vessels have been illegally fishing in the North Sea since Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Sri Lanka.

In their complaint, the fishermen have informed the government that the use of prohibited equipment by the Indian fishermen has caused the threat of fish eggs in North Sea being destroyed.

In the past when 30 to 40 Indian boats were illegally fishing in North Sea those had been apprehended by the Sri Lanka Navy. However, currently law is not enforced when large number of Indian boats are engaged in illegal fishing, fishermen of the North say.

Meanwhile, the fishermen say they possess information that the relevant authorities have been ordered not to seize the boats.

It is reported that the government has been informed that the lives of Sri Lankan fishermen have also been threatened by them.