Jun 22, 2019

Rishad free : Wimal will have to resign from politics! Featured

A special Police Committee report handed over to the Speaker this week has cleared Rishad Bathiudeen of any connection with the Easter Sunday bombings.

This report was prepared by a tree member committee appointed to investigate if Rishad Bathiudeen, M.L,A.M. Hizbullah and Azath Salley had any connection to the April 21st bombings.

The committee was headed by Senior DIG K.D. Priyantha and comprised two other senior police officers.

The committee had given a weeks’ time for anyone to present evidence that suggested that the three accused persons had any connection with the Easter Sunday attacks.

The committee had received several complains, but none of these complaints were sufficient to prove that Rishad Bathiudeen, M.L,A.M. Hizbullah and Azath Salley had any involvement in these bombings.

Accordingly, the committee had reported to the Speaker that allegations against Bathiudeen that he had been involved in the April 21st attacks are baseless and unfounded.

Wimal’s fate

Meanwhile, Bathiudeen said in parliament yesterday that Wimal Weerawansa had levelled allegations that the suicide attacks carried out in Dematagoda had been done by his mother’s sister’s daughter. However, he said his mother has no sisters and this was a false allegation.

Therefore, he challenged Weerawansa to prove his allegation and if he does Bathiudeen said he would resign from politics altogether. However, he asked Weerawansa if he would do the same in the event his allegations are proved to be false.