Jun 21, 2019

MPs who engage in business with the government in trouble – Victor Ivan Featured

Parliamentarians who engage in business with the government is reason enough to lose their parliament membership and measures would be taken immediately to conduct an audit regarding such MPs and initiate legal action against them, said former Ravaya Editor Victor Ivan. He had notified the Speaker and the Auditor General regarding this matter.

Ivan said that the judiciary has the honour of proving to the country that public representatives have been engaging in business with the government flouting the law for a long time.

By obtaining a quick order from the courts for an audit, Victor Ivan said these MPs could be ousted from their posts and even lose the opportunity of receiving nomination for the upcoming elections.

In response to Ivan’s letter to the Speaker, Karu Jayasuriya had said that the power to initiate legal action rests with the Bribery Commission and the Attorney General’s Department.

Ivan had responded to the Speaker by adding that the Speaker has an obligation to investigate how man y MPs are engaging in this unlawful action.

He had also suggested two practical methodologies for this purpose.

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