Jun 20, 2019

South Asia a main centre for ISIS terror activities - Russia Featured

The Sri Lanka terrorist attacks were organized by the ISIS militants, said Russian Security Council Deputy Secretary Yuri Kokov addressing the Tenth International Meeting of High-Level Representatives on Security Issues in the Russian city of Ufa.

Having forged alliances with the ISIS in Syria and Iraq, this radical group had practically organised this series of suicide bombings, he said.

According to Kokov, currently, the main centres of ISIS terrorist activity are the Middle East, Africa, South and South-East Asia. “In the past, IS militants called on its supporters to move to Iraq and Syria, however, now they offer them to stay and continue the jihad in their countries of residence,” he noted.

“These threats are also relevant to the European Union states, where several terrorist attacks have been carried out this year already in the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and France, which confirms the gravity of the statements made by leaders of international terrorist organizations on their commitment to carry out terrorist attacks in Europe,” the Russian security official noted.