Jun 20, 2019

President gets back Kabir-Haleem : Ranil unaware of yesterday’s swearing in (video) Featured

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe was apparently unaware that the two of the UNP members who resigned earlier were being sworn in yesterday (19), according to political sources.

The Prime Minister had come to know of it from Minister Ravi Karunanayake at the UNP working Committee meeting held at Sirikotha yesterday.

Karunanayake had also come to know of the swearing in through a news alert.

However, the Prime Minister who was disturbed by this incident had said that this is unconstitutional, adding that he had given instructions for all the Ministers who resigned to be sworn in together next week.

Based on the amendments made to the powers of the President through the 19th Amendment, the powers vested in the President to appoint ministers or deputy ministers at his own discretion, has been amended where he can now do so only on the advice of the Prime Minister. Further, the President’s power to sack any minister or deputy minister has also been clipped and he can now do so only on the recommendations of the Prime Minister.

Will reach an honourable decision at Presidential election - President

Meanwhile, President Maithripala Sirisena said that an honourable decision, will be taken at the next presidential election without any injustice being caused to the party or the supports. He said this during a meeting with the female local politicians representing the SLFP Women’s Front at the party headquarters in Colombo yesterday (19).

He said the party’s activities in the future would be guided through a strong political process which would satisfy all SLFP supporters.

The President said that this party is not only the party of the people but that of mothers too, adding that the female representatives are entrusted with a unique responsibility. He added that therefore, it is the responsibility of all female representatives to render their active contribution in the process of establishing a just society and country.

A large number of female representatives had participated in the meeting, where it was discussed at length about the active female contribution in strengthening the restructuring efforts of the women’s front of the party.

ජනාධිපතිවරණයේ දී ගෞරවණීය තීන්දුවකට එළැඹෙනවා from SRI LANKA MIRROR on Vimeo.