Jun 16, 2019

Chicken slaughterhouses function during Poson Featured

Chicken slaughterhouses have remained in motion, despite the government declaring June 12 - 18 as the Poson week.

The slaughterhouses have continued to function due to the lack of a gazette notification being issued on this regard.

'Sri Lanka Mirror' learns that several chicken companies such as Bairaha and Crysbro have continued production in this manner.

It is learned that chicken slaughterhouses had even functioned during the Vesak week last month, even though a relevant gazette notification was issued.

However, several professionals in the field say that although the government had declared religious weeks in this manner, it was hard to apply them to livestock and poultry fields due to practical reasons.

Noting that such restrictions would inconvenience all relevant fields, they add that it would also harm the national economy.

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