Jun 16, 2019

SIS had specifically warned of Zahran's attacks! Featured

The State Intelligence Service (SIS) is to present documentary evidence with regard to the Easter Sunday bombings, proving that they had clearly forewarned the former IGP and former Defence secretary of an suicide bomb attack.

'Sri Lanka Mirror' learns of this upon inquiring into a news report which cites that the SIS report handed over to the former IGP had not revealed specific details.

We learn that the SIS had specifically warned the former IGP and former Defence secretary that hotels and churches would be targeted by attackers. 'Sri Lanka Mirror' further learns that an information report on these warnings done formally and via phone at 5.00pm on April 20, would be produced before courts.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that the SIS had informed the then IGP that Zahran Hasheem was also behind the motorbike bomb explosion that took place on April 16 in Kattankudy.

Police have learnt that the original owner of the motorbike, is a woman residing in Kelaniya and that she had sold the bike to an agency in Kandana to be re-sold, after using it for 2 1/2 years.

Investigations have revealed that two bikes including this one, had been purchased by a buyer accompanied by another.

The buyer had handed over a National ID, which claimed he was a resident in Galle. However, the individual in the ID was approached by authorities, it had turned out to be a completely different person, who stated he had lost his NIC in Puttalam.

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