Jun 13, 2019

CID team in Saudi to bring back Zahran associate

A special police CID team had reportedly left for Saudi Arabia on June 11 to bring back Thowheed Jamaath’s armed wing leader who is currently in Saudi Police custody.

The armed wing leader Mohamed Milhan alias Abu Seelan was also said to have been ready for a suicide attack. It is said that Milhan was responsible for the killing of two Police constables at a check point in Vavunathivu in Batticaloa on November 30, 2018. Investigations have also revealed about Mohamed Naslim who had helped the police to find the training

camp in Wanathavilluwa used by Zahran’s group, had also been shot by Milhan on March 9. Mohamed Naslim was the Coordinating Secretary of former Minister Kabir Hashim.

At the time Zahran and his group carried out the Easter Sunday attacks; Milhan had been to Mecca on a pilgrimage. According to information revealed through investigations, Milhan had been prepared to carry out a second spate of attacks.He was scheduled to arrive in Sri Lanka for this attack on April 30. However, although he had arrived at the Saudi Airport, he had not boarded the flight and had been at the airport.

However, after the Interpol and the International Intelligence units had alerted the Saudi officials, Milhan who was hiding at the airport was apprehended the same day. Although the Saudi law enforcement officials had said they would deport Milhan on a flight that same evening, even after a week no action had been taken to have him deported. A special team comprising CID and SIS officers had gone to Saudi Arabia to bring Milhan back but they returned without success.

The Saudi Authorities had agreed to hand over Milhan to Sri Lanka after diplomatic overtures and the special CID team had gone to Saudi Arabia on June 11 based on that agreement, according to informed sources.