Jun 08, 2019

Parliament won’t challenge Presidential powers- Karu Featured

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya issuing a statement said that parliament would never challenge the authority of the president.

However, he stated that by criticising the mechanism of a parliament approved committee, it could give a wrong message to the people.

It states that the parliament select committee was appointed comprising government and opposition MPs to investigate and report on the April 21st terror attacks.

The Speaker also noted that this committee was appointed in line with parliament standing orders and it was approved in parliament to open hearings to the media.

The statement further noted, “Even in America there are examples where the AG and Secret Service Chief was summoned before a committee appointed by the Congress. The proceedings were telecast live.” The Speaker pointed out that anyone giving evidence before the committee had the privilege of not divulging sensitive information before the media. He said according to standing orders, a committee appointed through the agreement of all parties and approved by parliament, can only be terminated by parliament.

Accordingly, he stated that the Speaker cannot stop the activities of the select committee.