Jun 08, 2019

President changes saw mill Gazette! Featured

A Spokesman from the President’s Media Unit stated that the 2014.12.03 1896/26 Timber Mill Registration Special Gazette notification is scheduled to be revised by President Maithripala Sirisena.

With the issuance of this special gazette notification, the traditional timber workshops would not be banned, but all mobile saw mills will be banned after December 31, 2022.

After the special gazette is issued, no more licences would be issued for mobile saw mills. However, this ban would not affect saw mill owners who import timber.

Currently around 300 mobile saw mills have been identified islandwide and these saw mills would be banned.

Environmentalists have pointed out the massive destruction of forests being carried out by these mobile saw mills.

However, those engage legitimately in the traditional carpentry industry by obtaining time legitimately, would not be affected by this gazette.

Meanwhile, all legitimate timber sheds should forward details of timber stocks and all documentation at the end of every month by registered post to the area forest officer.

Further, the timber stocks they hold cannot exceed 200 sq. feet.

The statement made by the President in this regard is shown below.