Jun 07, 2019

GAs protest against wastefulness over Samurdhi Featured

Many district Government Agents (GA) had protested against the letter sent by the Samurdhi Department Director General yesterday (06) notifying them to make the payment allocations amounting to an estimated Rs. 300 million for a series of ceremonies organised for the presenting of certificates for the new Samurdhi recipients.

The reason for the protest is that a proper mechanism for financial estimation had not been followed in the printing of 125,000 T-shirts and Samurdhi certificates.

According to the letter, Rs. 150,000 has to be paid to the National Youth Council, Rs. 4.9 million to Selacine Television Institute for stage decorations and other expenses, over Rs. 13 million for printing of handbills and other promotional activities and over, Rs. 28 million for supply of T-shirts, by the Samurdhi offices.

Meanwhile, when the Director General of the Samurdhi Development Department S.E.R.T.M.S.P Bandara was contacted over the phone, he refused to comment over the phone and wanted us to meet him in person.

However, according to the Samurdhi Development Officers’ Association General Secretary Chamara Maddumakaluge, this is a ploy to use the poor Samurdhi recipients monies for election propaganda activities. He charged that the government is erecting large notice boards and organising ceremonies in all districts as an election campaign.

This colossal waste of Samurdhi funds was exposed last week, which resulted in the campaign to erect large cut-outs of the Samurdhi Minister opposite every single Samurdhi bank at a cost of Rs. 50,000 each, had been temporarily suspended.GAs protest against wastefulness over Samurdhi

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