Jun 06, 2019

Approval for Hindu Faculty at Jaffna Uni. Featured

The request made by the Jaffna University authority to establish a Hindu Culture Faculty at the university has received approval.

The Jaffna University said that subsequent to discussions held in this regard with the former Higher Education Minister Rauff Hakeem and his assurance to obtain approval for the setting up of the Hindu Faculty, the University Grants Commission has issued the approval letter.

It is reported that the Jaffna University Professor Ramanathan had made the request to establish a Hindu Faculty at the Jaffna University in 1978, but despite approval being granted in 2011 this project had not been implemented to date.

Accordingly, the Hindu Cultural Faculty would be established at the Jaffna University offering General and Special Degrees in Hindu Cultural Studies.

Many are elated by the news about the Hindu Culture Faculty and claim that this would avail them the opportunity to study Hindu culture in depth and pursue higher education in this field.