Jun 04, 2019

Doctor’s revelation about water in Nelna chicken (video) Featured

The General Manager of Nelna Company Dr. Mangala Amarasinghe refuted allegations levelled against them that the farm chickens were injected with hormones or water.

He said water cannot be added to chicken intentionally.

He also refuted claims that hormones are injected to farm chickens, adding that if hormones were to be injected it would result in a high cost making it difficult to provide chicken at a competitive price.

Dr. Mangala said that if any hormone protein is to be imported, it must have Health Ministry approval. Hence, he said these claims are not practical.

Machines to pump water into chickens

However, despite the dismissal of these allegations, Sri Lanka Mirror found out through investigations that there are mechanisms to pump water into chickens.
Accordingly, it was found that there are several companies in Sri Lanka too which possess these machines that can pump water into chickens.

Such a company facing this allegation is located in the Gampola area.

We are in the process of gathering information in this regard and would reveal all details in the near future.
The video shown below confirms how water can be incorporated into chicken.
Meanwhile, it is also reported that due to a difference in taste, the security forces had rejected chicken purchased from a certain company.