Jan 15, 2017

A senior member in London JVP branch passes away

Attorney-at-Law Bernard Ranjith Mendis, one of the most senior members of the JVP committee in London, has passed away.

He was a reputed barrister in London and was a comrade who stood even during hard times with the party until his death says JVP London Committee.

He was 77 years old at the time of his death and the cremation of his remains will take place at Golders Green Crematorium on 16th January at 10.30 a.m.

He stood by the objectives of the JVP amidst various political commotion and tumult. He had been living in London since 1950s and passed away on 30th December while being treated for a sudden illness in St Mary’s Hospital in London.

He studied law in the UK and served as a barrister. He maintained a legal company in London Marylebone and assisted many Sri Lankan lawyers in legal training programmes.

Specially, he provided protection and training for lawyers who left to the UK during the suppression of the JVP during 88/89 period.

In the 1960s several persons including Mr. Bernard Ranjith Mendis allied with groups with left ideology to form ‘Gini Pupura’ organization and later this organization linked with those who had been imprisoned due to their involvement in the 1971 uprising. After Mr. Rohana Wijeweera was released from prison and at a discussion he held in London ‘Gini Pupura’ organization became the London branch of the JVP.

This group that dedicated itself for the principles of the party was responsible for getting international solidarity for the JVP and during the 88/89 terror campaign of the then UNP government took measures to protect members of the JVP from repression. Mr. Benard Ranjith Mendis dedicated himself to get political asylum to many members of the JVP who fled the country to escape being murdered.