Jun 01, 2019

AG neglects banning of NTJ for over 2 years

The request made by the TID seeking the Attorney General’s recommendations for the banning of the National Thawheed Jamath (NTJ) which was perceived as a threat to national security, had been lying at the AG’s Department for over two years without action being taken, it is reported.

These files on the NTJ had been forwarded to the AG’s Department by the TID in 2017.

 The TIG had requested the recommendations of the AG’s Department regarding Saharan’s activities and the NTJ which were considered as a threat to national security.

The TID points out that despite seeking the AG’s advice on banning Saharan and the NTJ which received no response until 2018, they could only present around 20 transcripts of his sermons between January and April 2018 to court and file a case against him preventing him from traveling out of the country.

It was revealed before the three member Presidential Commission appointed to investigate the Easter Sunday attacks that the TID had notified the Telecommunication Regulation Commission (TRC) and the Computer Emergency Rapid Response Team and informed the US and obstructed Saharan’s internet information exchange and FB accounts.