Jan 15, 2017

Southern extremists behind Buddha statue destruction in north! Featured

Military intelligence has revealed that a group of extremists from the South are responsible for the destruction of Buddha statues in northern and eastern provinces.

This has been revealed after several special teams have investigated complaints made by Buddhist monks and area residents about the destruction.

The Buddha statues located near military camps in the north remained even after the camps were closed down, and when the northern people prepared the land for agricultural purposes, they had dismantled temporary constructions by the military.

Meanwhile, a police official said they discovered that wild elephants were responsible for the destruction of several Buddha statues and shrine rooms in similar lands or junctions in the East, as elephant dung could be seen at the scenes.

Target : social media
During a reconciliation week declared by the government from January 08, several Buddha statues located at Trincomalee, Uppuveli, Welgamvehera, Morawewa, Pulmoddai and Gomarankadawala were smashed with some smeared with black oil.

Police have discovered that the attempts using black oil were carried out with the intention of conducting a smear campaign over social media.

Intelligence units are alert on groups behind these sudden attacks on such Buddha statues in these provinces which were unharmed even during the war.

Certain extremist groups have used pictures of Buddha statues destroyed due to natural disasters in countries such as Thailand and Nepal in the smear campaign and this too had attracted the attention of intelligence units.

Police note that it was clearly the sabotage work of extremists, as new Buddha statues had been placed on the same places a day after the destruction.