May 28, 2019

Anamaduwa Pachyderm shot in the head! Featured

The wildlife officers have launched a major operation to save the life of an elephant found in a field in the Nawagaththegamuwa area in Anamaduwa with gunshot injuries.

Veterinarian Isuru Kottegoda told Sri Lanka Mirror that it was a huge challenge to safe the life of this pachyderm due to the severity of its head injuries which has left the animal unable to move its head.

The villagers had notified the wildlife authorities having spotted the elephant fallen in a field in Mahapitiya, Elayaya. He had sustained several gun shot injuries to its head.

By the time the wildlife officers reached the animal, it was in a critical condition.

According to the wildlife officers the elephant is around 35 years and stands at around 8 feet tall.

Photos by Priyankara Kalupahana.