May 28, 2019

Human smuggling on the rise after Easter Sunday attacks Featured


The Anti-Human Smuggling Investigation Unit of the CID states that after the Easter Sunday attacks, human smuggling activities have increased.

Based on information provided by this unit, the Australian authorities are on the lookout for a multi-day trawler carrying illegal migrants from Trincomalee to Australia.

According to information, the boat is said to be carrying between 30-40 illegal migrants.

The CID had notified the Australian authorities that information had been received that the illegal migrants on board are from Trincomalee, Chilaw and Batticaloa.

According to CID sources, the vessel had left the Sri Lankan shores around two to three weeks ago and is expected to be nearing Australia by now.

Another vessel captured on 24th

Meanwhile, the Navy had brought back a group of 41 illegal migrants to the Galle Port on May 24th which was headed towards Australia.

This vessel had departed from Chilaw on May 08th and had run into engine trouble on May 15th when the Navy had located them and brought them back to the Galle Harbour.

This group of illegal migrants were heading to Australia to seek political asylum.

Investigations have revealed that this group had been planning on seeking political asylum based on racial and communal clashes.