May 28, 2019

Nattandiya unrest -SLPP PS member flees overseas!

The SLPP Pradeshiya Sabha member wanted in connection with the May 13th unrest in Nattandiya is said to have fled the country evading arrest, according to the police.

He had fled the country a few days after the unrest having presented a letter for leave to the Pradeshiya Sabha.

Investigations have revealed that the said PS member Upul Herath had fled to a European country as several of his relatives reside there, said the Koswatte Police.

The police is expected to obtain a court order today (28) to have him arrested at the airport when he arrives in the country.

During the Nattandiya clashes, a person was killed in the Kottarammulla area and a disabled soldier had also been attacked and hacked. The main suspect in this incident had also been arrested yesterday (27), the police said. According to the police several others are also expected to be arrested, but they have apparently fled the area.