May 27, 2019

Prez assures security, urges envoys to lift advisories

President Maithripala Sirisena has explained foreign ambassadors in Sri Lanka today that he could guarantee that the security situation in Sri Lanka was 99 per cent ensured.

The President’s Media Division said that ambassadors of the UK, USA, Canada, Japan, German, Australia and the European Union participated at the meeting held at the President’s House this morning.

While expecting continuous assistance from the respective countries for the country’s national security programme, the President requested the ambassadors also to assist the Sri Lankan Government by removing travel restrictions imposed on tourists following the Easter Sunday attacks.

A discussion was also held with regard to extending the state of emergency.

The President told the ambassadors that the state of emergency was extended due to the search operations conducted by the military.

He said that he hoped that the state of emergency would not be required to be extended further.

The PMD said the ambassadors had expressed their appreciation and pledged to take immediate action to remove travel restriction issued against travelling to Sri Lanka.