May 26, 2019

Ryan reveals how Dubai trip cost him his house Featured

Actor Ryan Van Rooyen, who was arrested along with underworld kingpin “Makandure Madush” in Dubai and was later deported to Sri Lanka, says that his family has no place to stay now.

Speaking to a newspaper, Ryan has said that their family had been living in a rented house and the landlord had asked for the property back after learning about the Dubai incident.

He had said that they are currently residing with a relative, as their parents too, had to leave their homes, following the incident.

He had also mentioned his daughter was sacked from her job at SriLankan airlines and his son's schooling too, had come to an abrupt halt.

Noting that he was greatly dejected over the society judging him a wrongdoer before charges were proved in court, Ryan had added that he cannot even make up his mind to engage in his profession.

However, he had admitted that he did possess some cannabis has he uses it.

Ryan has also admitted that he knew the Dubai party was by Madush and added that he went there to get 2,500 Diram (Around Rs.150,000) worth money.