May 25, 2019

Land plot from Hambantota given to Israel Featured

At the Cabinet meeting held on May 21st, it is reported that approval was granted to provide a plot of land from the Hambantota, Ranminitenna area to Israel.

The decision was made to grant this land to an Israel for a cocoa project.

The relevant company named Bin is said to be a reputed global company and the local project is said to be a joint venture with a Sri Lankan firm Volstar Corp, according to the proposal submitted to the Cabinet.

It is reported that approval for the project had been received earlier but it had been delayed due to the delay in obtaining the feasibility study report. This report is said to have taken around six months.

The proposal had been submitted to the Cabinet by the Ports, Shipping and Southern Development Minister Sagala Ratnayake.

However, according to economic experts it is not an advisable move to grant lands to an Israel firm at a time when many issues had arisen over the granting of 15,000 acres adjacent to the Hambantota Port to a Chinese Company on a 99 year lease.