May 23, 2019

Dhammika... do break the silence! Featured

The opposition leader Mahinda Rajapaksa states that some are planning to enter into politics by saying that a person who is not a politician should become the leader of the country.

He further states that such individuals are deceiving the public and are working on a political contract according to western agenda.

He has made these comments addressing Sri Lanka People's Front's meeting participated by active members from North and Eastern provinces.

" Those who reiterate no politicians and no to all 225 , are working on a political contract.

The one who gets selected by saying this will also engage in politics at the end", he said during the meeting,

"Now it has been revealed that the person who carried out the suicide attack has had connections with the Eastern Province.

With this terrorist attack a political change is taking place.

Public is criticizing the government severely.

This particular individual has taken measures to defeat us politically during the last presidential election and has visited villages which are predominantly Muslim to carry out propaganda against us.

Now it has already been revealed who he was involved with.

Recently the public protested against closing down the roads to transport politicians.This was not planned.

This shows the level of oppression felt by the public due to the actions of the government" he said.