May 22, 2019

Vesak celebrations in Guangzhou (Pics)

The Consulate General of Sri Lanka in Guangzhou participated in the Vesak programme organized by Ven. Paranagama Gnanawimala thero, Coordinator of Buddhist Affairs between Sri Lanka and Guangzhou City and students of the Jingang Buddhist Temple.

The ceremony commenced early morning of 18. May 2019 by observing Sil. Other activities progressed throughout the day, including almsgiving, pirith chanting, meditation, and lighting of oil lamps.

The Chief Priest of Jingang temple, Ven.Shi Xinguang and Ven. Prof. Kotapitiye Rahula thero, Director of Post Graduate Institute of Pali and Buddhist Affairs of the University of Kelaniya also participated in the ceremony.

The atmosphere of Vesak was also visible at the Chancery premises of the Consulate General in Guangzhou with decorations including Vesak lanterns and Buddhist flags being displayed for a period of one week.