May 21, 2019

Harin plans to limit sending housemaids overseas

Minister Harin Fernando says that, it is expected to prepare a new method to send skilled and semi-skilled workers abroad instead of domestic workers.

In response to a query raised by UNP MP Heshan Withanage in Parliament today (21) Harin Fernando made the comment.

MP Hesha Withanage noted that "Some recruiting agencies send under aged people for foreign jobs. It was expected that present government would reduce such rackets. But no progress has been made".

In response Harin Fernando said that

“When family background reports sought from the migrant workers, more malpractices reported. We have discussed on a comprehensive program to address the issue. We plan to send only skilled workers and semi skilled workers than domestic workers. There is an issue with regard to visit Visa. We have initiated a campaign called Ran Piyapath. We will educate the public through that project.