May 20, 2019

Next a Cyber war? Response to Army Commander’s reply on 18th attacks? Featured

From 2014 every year on May 18th a group calling themselves the Tamil Eelam Cyber Force have been launching cyber attacks and the government cyber related institutions and the security units are aware of it, said the Chairman of Face book Sri Lanka Translation Group Rajiv Yasiru Kuruwitage.

Issuing a statement they said that on May 18th several state and non-state institutions had come under cyber attacks, while the layout as well as content of some web sites had been changed by the Tamil Eelam Cyber Force hackers.

Apparently, they had launched this attack to challenge the statement made by Army Commander Lt. Gen. Mahesh Senanayake that a new Cyber crimes unit had been established at the end of 2018 to face the threat of cyber crimes.

The Face book Sri Lanka Translation Group alleged that while cyber attacks had increased during 2017 to 2018 and due to the failure of the relevant units to take adequate measures to guard against these attacks, the Tamil Eelam Cyber Force had been able to launch these cyber attacks.

Tamil news web site hacked yesterday!

It is reported that 56 web sites had been targeted during the attack while last night another Tamil news web site had been hacked by this group said, Face book Sri Lanka Translation Group’s Rajiv.

He noted that their aim was to create a notion that the Sri Lanka Army had committed war crimes and a song to this effect was also made to play on this web site.

CyberWar 2Cyber

The Face book Sri Lanka Translation Group said that upon investigation, it was revealed that not only the Kuwait and Chinese Embassy websites had been hacked, but also the University sites.

However, when contacted, a Chinese Embassy official said that no such attack had been done targeting the Chinese Embassy site.

No response from Ajith

However, all attempts to contact the Digital Infrastructure and Information Technology Minister Ajith P. Perera regarding this issue, all our efforts proved futile.

The names of the web sites which had come under cyber attacks listed by the Face book Sri Lanka Translation Group is as follows.

CyberWar hackList