May 19, 2019

Agreement signed by Gota & US, secretly renewed? Featured

Former Deputy Director of the State Intelligence Service Dr Ajith Kolonnahe said that the ACSA agreement that was signed by Sri Lanka in 2007 and expired in 2017 could have been renewed.

Speaking to 'Ravaya' he has said that the current situation in the country could be the reason for this.

According to an announcement published on Cabinet website on 11.07.2017 the agreement was due to be renewed and President Maithripala Sirisena has informed about it to the cabinet of ministers.

Acquisition and Cross-Service Agreement, orACSA, is signed by the Government of the United States, so that it will be applicable to the affairs of its State Security and judicial affairs.

When that agreement is signed with a country, the relevant country should facilitate to the US in limited operations.

The facility is intended to provide are providing fuel to operation of bunkers and navy vessels, allowing ports and airports in those countries, the sending of peacekeeping troops and joint military drills.

Sri Lanka signed this agreement for the first time when Gotabhaya Rajapaksa was the Defense Secretary in 2007. At that time, the American Ambassador was Robert O Blake.

Kolonne said that no report has been published on the signing of the agreement and that it has been secretive.

Kolonna highlighted that it is problematic to sign such a document by a secretary without even presenting to the Parliament.

He also said that during the time of the former President Mahinda’s rule, the American military had entered into the country’s American airspace during their drills in the Indian ocean and however, the then government avoided issuing a statement.

Meanwhile, the US Embassy in Colombo was inquired by email whether the agreement has been resumed, they have not responded yet.