May 15, 2019

Arrested suspect's relatives create tension

Police Spokesperson SP Ruwan Gunasekara says that 78 suspects in the North Western Province were arrested and remanded for inciting violence in the area.

They have been remanded after they were presented before Marawila, Nikaweratiya and Minuwangoda Magistrate Courts.

Following the court order tensed situation erupted at the court premises.

Marawila Magistrate Sirimewan Mahendraraja ordered 31 suspects, who were arrested over creating unrest in several areas including Naththandiya and Kottaramulla, to be remanded for 14 days.

Following the order the relatives of the arrested individuals started acting violently at the court premises and Police, Army and Anti-Riot Squad controlled the situation.

Nikaweratiya Police had arrested 12 individuals in connection to the tense situation erupted on Monday and they were presented before Nikaweratiya Magistrate Court this morning.

The magistrate ordered to keep them under remand custody until 24 May.

Following the decision the relatives of the arrested suspects started acting violently.

35 suspects were taken into custody regarding Minuwangoda situation.The suspects were forwarded to Minuwangoda Magistrate Court and out of the 35, 32 were remanded until 22 May and 3 until 29 May.