May 14, 2019

No bail for those creating anarchy in country (video) Featured


Acting IGP C.D. Wickramaratne making a special statement on the current situation in the country, gave a stern warning to those inciting violence and asked that their actions be stopped immediately.

“As a group of drunken persons had attacked several shops in the Kuliyapitiya, Hettipola road we were compelled to impose curfew. We hoped this situation will be settled.

However since a number of incidents were reported from Kuliyapitiya once again today, a decision was reached to impose an islandwide curfew as a precautionary measure.

The Police has been acting very patiently so far but we see that a small group of extremists and individuals are engaged in inciting violence. I warn them not to misinterpret the patience of the police as a sign of weakness. The police had dealt with the world’s most ruthless terrorists for 30 years and defeated them. Hence, this is not a mighty task.

After the Easter Sunday attacks, the majority of the people supported the efforts taken by us. However, there is a small group of extremists who are creating discord among communities and this should stop immediately. I urge the relatives and close friends of such extremist groups to kindly notify these elements about the danger in instigating and engaging in disruptive behaviour.

We will not allow these individuals to hold the lives of innocent people hostage and take the country down a path of destruction. All those arrested in connection with such acts will not receive bail and are liable to face prison terms of up to 10 years.”