May 14, 2019

Landlord brands President’s Twitter admin, a terrorist! Featured

There is severe criticism over social media regarding a landlord who had been instrumental in branding the President’s Twitter administrator as a terrorist and having kicked him out of his boarding place.

Hamsa Haneefa is the owner of the 2017 most popular Twitter message, a recipient of awards and is considered to be a social media icon.

However, he had placed a message in Sinhala on FB regarding an unpleasant incident he had to face.

“I wanted to write about what happened to me but did not have the time. I pray that this kind of thing never happens to anyone.

I was boarded at a house belonging to a Muslim Uncle and way paying Rs. 10,000 per month as boarding fees. However, after April 21st he kept asking me numerous hard-hitting questions. Some of these questions were very painful. He got all my details again including my ID number etc.

Then last week I got a call from the police that they were suspicious of me and that I may not be working at the particular place. It seemed that this landlord uncle had given all my details to another person.

However, I made up my mind that under the circumstances it was fair that he is concerned and even suspicious. However, after last night’s incidents I realised what a despicable person he is. Around 6.00 pm yesterday it was announced that an all island curfew was imposed from 9.00 pm onwards. I was at the boarding at the time and around 8.40 pm the boarding uncle called me up and asked where I was. I told him I was at the boarding and he then said there is a small problem and the police had asked them not to provide lodging for Muslims. He said he could not keep me and asked me to leave, adding that he cannot get into trouble.

I know the Police would not say such a thing. I told him I cannot go anywhere at this time and asked him to give me a day to leave. Reluctantly, he agreed. I was very upset. I called my boss and told him what happened and he said he would come immediately to take me. But, as the curfew was on I told him not to come and said I would wait till morning and I stayed up until 2.00 am packing up my things. I was very upset as recently when he and his family had visited Ambuluwawa, I even told him to come to my home.

For someone that close, thank you uncle for the way you treated me. I grew up in Gampola for 22 years and on either side of our house was a Sinhalese house and Hindu household. We used to share food with them and play with them and in the evenings we used to all get together and chat. In fact Dilan was my best friend. When you compare those Sinhalese people and these ones, there is a vast difference. I am shocked that there are people like this. But its alright. It was my boss, a Sinhala Buddhist who recommended this place. I hope all those Sinhala friends who instigated such racial discord are all happy now. That’s all.”

The twitter responses are as follows;

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