May 13, 2019

Political leadership need to be ousted - Archbishop

Archbishop His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith addressing the special mass that was held at the St. Lucia Cathedral in Colombo said that the politicians and officers need to be removed from their positions if they were aware of the incident that took place on Easter Sunday and did not take any precautionary measure to avert it.

The Cardinal made donations on behalf of the deceased and the injured people at the Kochchikade church due to the attack.

The police and military personnel were deployed to the event that was attended by the families of the victims and their relatives.

The members of these families cried out and expressed their grief to the Cardinal.

The Cardinal, who made a special speech, said:

"I still suffer from the Easter Sunday incident. This situation has been completely averted by the leadership. They should be removed. They should be held accountable.

They cannot be vindicated from this wrongdoing. They should be removed from office and punished. Those who cannot bear responsibilities are not suitable for the leadership of our country. They acted to achieve selfish political ideas, thought they would not be punished by the judiciary, but they will be punished by the Supreme God.

This incident is not a matter of God's will. Our brothers and sisters became a prey of man's sin. The wrongdoers are walking around freely and behaving in a loose manner. Still they think they can escape.

I came to know that they are going to attack me. I am not afraid. My life belongs to you and the Lord. It's ready to be offered at any time. "