May 12, 2019

"This is our country" - a special statement from Minister Rishad (Video) Featured

"This is our country. We live as children of one mother. It is our duty and obligation to protect, develop and build this country" Minister of Industry and Commerce Rishad Bathiudeen in a special statement said.
Replying to allegations leveled against him, the minister said that he did not flee from the country and that he had gone to Oman for official purposes.
Minister's statement:
"When I went to Oman recently for some official work, some people and the media accused me that I fled the country. They have made baseless allegations against me without inquiring the situation. We discussed in Oman, with a group of ministers, on a billion rupee investment in Sri Lanka.
Those who made the allegation have now stopped talking about it after I have returned.
In addition, I was directed with a number of other allegations. I had to question some media outlets that why they want me to put with terrorists. .
Who was caught with detonators?
They charge that my secretary was detained with detonators and released. My secretary was not involved in such incident. The person who was arrested is not one of my secretaries. He has been a member of our party who contested for the last local government election under the party's ticket. It is true that he was arrested. But after a few days, all the things were revealed in court. He was freed by the court.
Saying that my brother was arrested and released was a total lie. Troops were conducting search operations in Mannar. At that time my brother stayed in a bungalow in the area where the search was done. The bungalow was also inspected. Also they checked parked vehicles. It's all that was happening. Anyone can inquire from the Mannar Police about this and find the truth.
 A sister's house to terrorists:
The next charge against me was that a house of my sister had been rented to terrorists. My sister and her husband have been living in Canada for five years. He husband had entrusted his house to a caretaker.
Last February they had rented out the out publishing an advertisement on a web site. I did not even know about it. It is not a personal matter to me either. In such a background, it's up to you to think that is it justifiable to accuse me.
Brother's business with Ibrahim!
The charge that my brother was involved in business with Mohamed Ibrahim, the father of two bombers, was completely false.
I have had discussions with Ibrahim and Colombo Mercantile Trade Union representatives that was led by him on a number of occasions. But there is no connection between my brother and them.
Some materials for terrorists:
I have been seriously accused of providing some materials to the terrorists. The Industrial Development Board under my Ministry is assisting in supply of materials, technology and marketing to the factories.
The method since 2005 is to register organization that need raw material and a newspaper press advertisement is published in this regard. Registered companies are provided materials according to the requirements. This year, there are 300 registered factories. These factories have been provided with materials legally.
Though there are requests from people to pay more attention to the factory at Wellampitiya, our Ministry has never acted violating limits of the law.
We have obtained a special report by an independent committee appointed by the ministry secretary. The report has now been handed over to the President and the Prime Minister. They can take steps according to that report if we have committed an offense.
Explosives and weapons in Wilpattu:
Those who accuse of discovering explosives and weapons from a jungle in Wilpattu are rounding accusations that the area belongs to electorate that I represent.
Wanathawilluwa is not a part of Mannar district which I represent.
Terror labeling:
The father of suicide bomber's wife is a member of the Executive Committee of our party. Is it an error to charge me? Bomber's father Ibrahim is a member of the national list of the JVP. Is it justifiable level allegations against JVP?
Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka pointed out that the person who had prepared food for him for five years had been involved in the killing. President Premadasa's killer was Babu who had been in Sucharitha.
Can it be argued that Premadasa or Fonseka are terrorists because of these facts?
SB's lies: Because not taking part in the coup
In the meantime, different accusations have been made on my businesses and income. S. B. Dissanayake has been making false statements holding press conferences.
The allegation of him is taking revenge from me for not being part of the 5 day conspiracy and this is low-level politics.
I would like to emphasize one thing. From the day I entered politics, I presented my assets and liabilities. Anyone can check them out. I am not afraid to face any test, because I have not earned money in any illicit way.
I have already taken steps to take legal action against individuals and media institutions who accuse me falsely. They will have to prove that what they said was the truth, before the court. I will prove my truthfulness.
Protecting the real terrorist!
These allegations deliberately or unknowingly protect the real terrorists and the real extremists. Finger pointing at me will spare the real terrorists.
We are strong Muslims. God does not agree terrorism.
I do not have any connection with terrorism. I will not support terrorism. I am opposed to terrorism. I was a person who was a victim of terrorism.
I do not have any connection with extremism. I do not support extremism. I am opposed to extremism.
This is our country. We live as children of one mother:
I am deeply shocked by the horrors due to this terrorism. I will express my sorrow to all of the victims. I wish speedy recovery to all the injured people. I would like to bow down to all those who have dedicated themselves for peace and reconciliation during this difficult time.
Especially I extend my gratitude to His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith. Similarly, I would like to extend my gratitude to the Mahanayaka theras, the Hindu priests and the Moulavis who were committed to ensure peace in the country.
I wish to thank the police, armed forces, civil society activists and rural leaders for their commitment to safeguard peace.
 This is our country. We live as children of one mother. It is our duty and obligation to protect, develop and build this country. Lets dedicate for that.