May 10, 2019

Detagamuwa Lake destroyed while lands illegally demarcated Featured


One of the main lakes in Kataragama, the Detagamuwa Lake has been destroyed due to parasitic foliage growth, it is reported.

This lake which supplies water to many fields which cultivate two seasons per year, has been invaded by these plants.

Meanwhile, several parties have grabbed lands bordering the lake and fenced them.

However, despite the lake being overgrown with parasitic plants and the lake reserve lands being illegally grabbed, the farmers, farming associations and irrigation officers have failed to take legal action against them.

The lake now looks like a forest and these parasitic plats have invaded the lake destroying most of the lotus plants on the lake and the fish in it are also dying.

About a year ago this lake was cleaned under the leadership of the Kataragama Pradeshiya Sabha, but it is overgrown again and despite this issue being highlighted by the media, no action has been taken so far.