May 03, 2019

NTJ financial controller arrested

An individual named Abdul Sakthar Mohommed who is alleged to have been in charge of the finances of the National Thawheed Jamaath (NTJ) organisation, was arrested by police in Gampola today (03 May).

The suspect had been staying in a rented out house located in close proximity to the home of the owner of the shoe shop where the Haq brothers, identified as suicide bombers, had been hiding in.

The police had found two NICs, a photograph of the suspect dressed in Army fatigues, holding a pistol and also a video on the recent clash in Theldeniya.

An audio containing a message by an ISIS woman cadre instructing their members to be on high alert after the Easter Sunday attacks and informing them that they would not be able to avoid working for the organisation, was also discovered at the location.

Police also found bank slips of transactions carried out on behalf of the NTJ since 2017. There had been more than 200 transactions involving various persons providing financial assistance to the organisation. There were also receipts of bank deposits made to the credit of others.

A computer and mobile phones discovered at this hideout contained footage of the suicide bombings and news shown by various media outlets with regard to the Easter Sunday attacks.

It was noted that the footage on the computer was hidden behind pornographic scenes with a view of misleading anyone attempting to access the highly sensitive information hidden within.