Apr 25, 2019

British team to prevent terrorism: 85 sniffer dogs

A special anti-terrorism team from Britain is expected to arrive in the country shortly, it is reported.

They are expected to assist in the ongoing investigations over the Easter Sunday explosions.

British Foreign Secretary Jeromy Hunt has stated that they would give Sri Lanka every possible assistance for the investigations.

A special team of representatives are already in the country to assist with the arrangements regarding the British nationals killed in the deadly bombings.

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Theresa May in a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has pledged Britain’s fullest support to Sri Lanka in its endeavour against global terrorism.

Police dogs around the country!

The Police Canine unit stated that around 85 police dogs have been deployed throughout the country for the detection of explosives.

Around 25 police sniffer dogs have been deployed in the Colombo and Kandy city limits.

In addition police dogs have also been assigned to the STF bomb disposal unit.

They have received foreign and local training in the detection of explosives and can easily detect any explosives, suspicious persons in any location.

Meanwhile, another 15 police dogs are being trained in the detection of explosives, according to the Director of the Police Canine Unit SP Rahal Seneviratne.