Apr 24, 2019

American FBI to carry out investigation on explosions Featured


A team of FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) investigators are currently in Sri Lanka to carry out investigations regarding the explosions which took place on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka.

The American Government had notified the Sri Lanka security forces not to clear any of the explosion sites until the FBI experts come and check them.

The explosions which occurred in Sri Lanka has gained international attention while ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The ISIS agency Amak had stated that the ISIS fighters had launched the attack on Easter Sunday targeting the Christians.

The statement is shown below.

''Sri Lanka has become part of the global terrorism”

Making a special statement in Parliament yesterday, Prime Minister Wickremesinghe said in Sri Lanka too terrorism has developed into a global threat. Sri Lanka too is now in the global terrorist incidents map thanks to those who unleashed terror on Easter Sunday. “Guerilla warfare had been in the past by the terrorists. There were airborne attacks too by the terrorists in support of their ground operations. After 2009 that situation changed.”

“Today’s scenario is completely different. There was a political objective behind those attacks. There had been similar situation in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and Falkland Islands. Today there is a new situation where people are killed by using car bombs. There is a global terrorism problem which thrives on the basis of religious objectives. This is long term terrorism. Though it is handled by a handful of people they undergo extensive training and they meticulously plan these attacks over a long period of time,” he said.

However, the Prime Minister said that the security forces, police and members of the intelligence community are now pursuing the perpetrators of the Easter Sunday attacks. The security forces and police have been given the power to make arrests under the Emergency Laws and to detain the suspects. We have already made several arrests, he added.

Adding that the Muslim people are against these heinous crimes, the Prime Minister called on all who are against terrorism to unite.

He said these attacks were aimed at causing maximum economic damage. “This attack was launched at a time when our economy was improving. We would not let to develop to another 30 year long war. We would end this threat as soon as possible.”

‘Convention to eradicate terrorism globally’

The UN Terrorist Financing Convention has been designed to criminalize financing of terrorism. The convention also seeks to promote police and judicial co-operation to prevent, investigate and punish those financing such acts. The UN Secretary General has appealed to all countries to support this convention.

The Prime Minister also noted that many foreign leaders had pledged their support to Sri Lanka to eradicate terrorism. “We would obtain all possible support from the international community to eliminate terrorism from this land. We have faced greater challenges in the past and we have succeeded,” the PM said.

"International terrorism''

Prime Minister Wickremesinghe assjured that he is committed to stand up against international terrorism and for the unity of Sri Lanka. He said this at a media briefing in Colombo.

He said with the ISIS accepting the responsibility of these attacks, the government is committed to investigate this incident fully together with international assistance.