Apr 20, 2019

Additional 200,000 votes at next election! Featured

The Election Commission has said that the process of preparing the new 2019 electoral register has commenced.

The Election Commissioner said that this 2019 election register would be used for the next election.

They expect around 200,000 new votes to be added to the list.

Accordingly, the previous number of voters of 15.7 million would increase to over 15.9 million.

The registration of new voters takes place annually according to the provisions of the 1980 No 44 electoral register.

Every citizen of this country is entitled to voting rights upon reaching 18 years.

Accordingly, any citizen who completes 18 years by June 01, 2019 is eligible to vote. This means, anyone born on or before May 31, 2001 would be able to have their names entered in this year’s voting register.