Apr 19, 2019

Kumana is not closed Featured

The acting guardian of Kumana National Park Chandana Wickramasinghe states that false information is being spread indicating that the national park is closed as a tractor driver succumbed to injuries following a leopard attack on 18 April.

The tractor driver was killed and other sustained serious injuries when a leopard attacked a group of labourers working at the Kumana National Park and dragged a man away last afternoon.

The leopard had attacked the group of labourers who were attending to internal road development work in Okanda area at the Kumana National Park at around 3.30 p.m. yesterday and dragged one of the labourers into the jungle.

The victim who lost his life from the leopard attack was 45 year old Selladurai Ravichandran, father of four and a resident of Thirukkovil.

The authorities affirm that the particular incident does not pose any threat to the tourists.



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