Apr 18, 2019

In 2017 NCPA received 12,000 child abuse complaints! Featured

The Department of Probation and Child Care Services had received 12,093 complaints of child abuse in 2017.

This was revealed in the Child Care Services Department 2017 performance report.

Accordingly, the highest number of complaints have been received from the Colombo district amounting to 1,187, followed by Kurunegala district with 1,084 complaints. The third highest number of complaints was from the Galle district with 997.

However, it is a positive factor that not a single complaint on child abuse was reported from the Mulaithivu and Polonnaruwa districts for the year 2017.

While there were 37 complaints reported from the Monaragala district for 2017, all other districts reported child abuse complaints exceeding 100.

Among the complaints were not sending children to school, underage marriages, pregnancies of minors, physical punishment, psychological abuse, child sexual abuse, neglect, employing minors for domestic services etc.

During 2017 the Child Services Department had received 398 complaints of child sexual abuse. The highest number of sexual abuse complaints were reported from the Gampaha district amounting to 35.

The Child Services Department which received a total of 12,093 complaints of child abuse for 2017 both directly and anonymously, have been forwarded to the relevant institutions for investigation and onward legal action.

Accordingly, the complaints have been forwarded through the District Secretaries to the relevant institutions.