Apr 16, 2019

Highest foreign investment over the past three years from China Featured

During the past three years from 2015 to 2018, the value of the investment received to Sri Lanka through the Investment Board is around US$ 5.85 billion, according to Investment Board internal sources. 

The highest direct investments during these three years had been received in 2018.

Its value is around $ 2367 million.

From 1978 to 2018 out of the direct foreign investments received to the country the highest was the investments received in 2018.

Of the Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) received in 2018, the highest amount has been received from China, amounting to $ 1088 million. .

The highest investment has been for port development amounting to $ 850 million.

However, the agriculture sector had received only around $ 0.5 million investment.

This is a 67% reduction in comparison to the previous investments of $ 1.4 million.