Apr 14, 2019

A Sri Lankan housemaid imprisoned on the charges of setting fire to a car  in Dubai

A Sri Lankan housemaid has been sentenced to six months in jail in Dubai.

It was on the charge of setting fire to a car belonging to the wife of the owner of the house where she worked as a housemaid.

However, the Sri Lankan housemaid has denied charges against her at the trial.

Before the court, she said that she saw a smoke from a car and tried to extinguish it.

However, the Sri Lankan woman has said that her attempt to extinguish was unsuccessful due to the lack of water, said the fire could have caused by a bottle of perfume in the car.

She was sentenced to six months in prison for committing a crime.

Dubai media has revealed that she will be deported to Sri Lanka after her imprisonment.

A senior official of the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment said that he has no information about the incident since yesterday was a holiday.