Apr 04, 2019

America in election talks with former LTTE members Featured

A board of high level American State Department officials had held discussions with a group of former LTTE members regarding the Sri Lankan elections.

According to K. Thulasi, the Media spokesperson for the party of ex-LTTE cadres, the Foreign Affairs officer of the  US State Department Christina James had said that only through election victories obtained through democratic platforms would their safety be assured.

The party had told the American group that the only solution to the national issue is through the decentralisation of power. 
The group of ex-LTTE members had told the US State officials that they face continuous harassment by the security forces. 

Christina James is a specialist on bringing anti-terrorist groups and armed groups into mainstream politics and she was accompanied by John Ruther of the US Embassy political unit. 

However, the US officials had not revealed any details regarding the meeting held in Jaffna.