Apr 01, 2019

America praises the recovery of the lost buoy Featured

The only buoy to collect ocean data belonging to NARA which was lost in the Batticaloa sea area, had been found, said State Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Minister Dillip Wedarachchi.

The lost buoy was found after four years. Even though NARA had conducted years of search operations they could not find it. However, the NARA hydrology division and the Navy hydrology division had conducted joint research and was able to recover the buoy.

The American hydrology division had donated this buoy to Sri Lanka in order to collect valuable data from the sea area surrounding the island. However, the buoy which was stationed in the Batticaloa sea area to collect data, had disappeared. It was blamed on the fisheries technicians’ carelessness.

Upon hearing that the buoy was found, the American hydrology unit had commended NARA and the Navy hydrology units for their efforts to recover the buoy.

The buoy was discovered by the NARA research vessel ‘Samudrika’ while it was engaged in sea bed research in the Batticaloa area.

The recovered buoy was brought to the Trincomalee harbour and later the research vessel had taken the buoy to Galle harbour.

The data on the ocean temperature, behaviour of the fish stocks etc is contained in these buoys. Through the analysis of this data, the future plans for the fisheries industry, the future challenges and the best practices to face these challenges could be formulated, the hydrology unit stated.

The hydrology unit that discovered this buoy stated that all the data in it is safely stored despite being lost for four years.

They said that such a buoy with the capacity to store such data is only available with NARA and no other institution in the country has one.