Mar 28, 2019

If dry weather condition continues more power cuts in New Year

The CEB says the country will have experience extended hours of power cuts by New Year if drought continues.

At present, the daily electricity demand is over 2,300 megawatts. However, though the demand for electricity has increased, the hydro power generation is gradually decreasing, says the General Manager of the CEB, S.P. Gunawardena said.

He added that therefore, the general public can support the administration using electricity sparingly. If the population will be able to conserve electricity, current status can be maintained during the Sinhala New Year season, as well, he said.

If the Sampur power plant was built in 2015, such a power outage would not arise, but due to various reasons, the power plant was not materialized, the GM noted.

He said that the Sampur power plant was to generate 500 MW of electricity and that the current system would need only 300 MW to quell the shortage.